If you want to make you're own skin you will need knowledge of html-code and JavaScript. I'm currently still working on a documentation but it will take a while until it wil lbe finished. Until then you can download the source of the main skin of TV's server, Dark Style and Mobile Skin. There is a tool to make a .dat file (like settings.dat is the TV's server main skin) called TV's server settingsfile maker and there is a tool to create an setup program to install the skin. The tools are easy to use programs, if there are questions about them, you can e-mail me at info@tvsoftware.nl.

Dark Style
Size: 175.001 bytes
Download DarkStyle (v1.02)

Main Skin
Size: 204.934 bytes
Download Main Skin (v2.05)

TV's server tools
Size: 12.104 bytes
Download TV's server tools