Automatic updater not functioning.

Problem: The automatic updater cannot connect to This will cause an error in the updater, because of that the server will restart.

Cause: I've never tested TV's server updater without the site '' not available.

Solve the problem: Delete the file 'updater.dll' from the program files directory.

Since almost half a year the site is dysfunctional. There will be a day that I will look for a new host, but until than we have to deal with this new location on hva dot nl. However, I discovered TV's server was restarting over and over again. I found out this was because of a bug in the updater module. So... until the day I'll release a newer version of TV's server or when is available again this handy function will not be available. You will have to turn this off, simply delete updater.dll from the program files, and you will be able to use TV's server again.