What is TV's server? TV's server is a program to publish your own homepage with photo's, music, ect. It is simply accesable through your default browser you are currently using and the server is easy to setup with a simple wizard! The updater will bring you the newest version. The famous programming language PHP is included and the setup will configurate it for you.

System requirements
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
About 350kB of free harddisk space
More specifications
How to work with this program?
When you have followed the installation steps you will be able to go to http://localhost/index.htm in your preferred browser! If this is the first time you've installed TV's server you will see something similar to "You've succesfully installed TV's server". During installation of this program you had to set a so called WWW-root(default c:\WWWroot\), this is the location where you will find the file with the default message (named index.htm)! Let's say you added an other file in the WWW-root(eg test.gif) you will be able to access the file by a simple link http://localhost/test.gif. The name localhost only works on your local computer, if you want to publish the files in WWW-root on the World Wide Web you will need to forward port 80 on you're router and replace localhost in the link by you're public IP-address. More information on this can be found on More experienced users can access http://localhost:81/, you will be able to configure the server here. It is posible to do things like protect files with passwords, redirect a directory or configurate domains you own. The style of this site can be changed by applying a different skin and this site can be protected by accounts (the setup will ask you to setup a administrator account!). For more information about Skins, click here.

!!Warning!! Don't install the automatic updater, the server will crash!! (read more)
Download information

FileProductVersionSizeIncludes PHPMD5
server_setup.exeTV's server install aplication2. bytesYes46FC097C67E0585AE3165B059794FBBB
server_setup_nophp.exeTV's server install aplication2.05.1497.348 bytesNoF7AECCD185818DB1E1F816944A46C9F6
TV's server.zipTV's server zipped2.05.1209.877 bytesNo1675B80DC496BEED2202C30FCDF9FCE2
If you are looking for older versions click here