Imagine, you are listening to music but suddenly the computer needs a restart, you do not remember which song was playing so you restart the playlist over and over again! This problem can be solved when you start using TV's media service. TV's media service is a musicplayer that begins playing when Windows is starting up, exactly where it stopped when Windows was shutdown.
System requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Stereo soundcard

How to work with this program?
When you have followed the instalation steps you will find a shortcut in the start menu called TV's media player. If you click on the shortcut a screen will appear. This screen will have buttons to add media, pause,play,ect. The music will keep playing until you've shutdown the computer.

Download information
File: media_service.exe
Size: 298.823 bytes
Type: EXE(setup)
MD5 hash: A4515CD7A4CF859A7157CBE1E049986B
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