Do you need to hide something or can you use some more space? Switch desktop is your solution! This program will create a second desktop and you will be able to switch between them with a a single click on the keybord. To switch you just press CTRL+ALT+S!

System requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
About 2,50kB of free harddisk space
How to work with this program?
When you've completed the download you unzip with 3th party tools like Winzip, Winrar or simply explorer if you're Windows supports it! The zip file includes the file switch.exe, afther you've placed it on the harddisk or USB-stick you can just launch the program(switch.exe) and press CTRL+ALT+S to switch between the two desktops!

Download information
Size: 1.884 bytes
Type: Zip(archive)
MD5 hash: 336738F60C0E59CE75F272EA69A00F02
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